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Delizia’s Pasta has over 25 years of excellence in authentic Italian pasta manufacturing. All of our flat pasta makes a beautiful flare of musical noodles that you feeling a sense of mobility and greatness after a fork full of light and airy pasta covered in your favorite sauce.

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Our fillings are made fresh with the finest natural ingredients and are prepared in-house to achieve the richest of flavors and textures.

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Fresh Italian pasta for food establishments & grocery stores.

Using only Fresh, Local Ingredients!

Our pasta comes in many different shapes, sizes and in a variety of fillings and flavours!

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Delizia’s Pasta Ltd. was founded in Calgary, Alberta and established in 1987.

We use only the finest durum semolina, grown right here in Alberta.  We support local farmers in livestock, and agricultural services that serve the Alberta Food Industry with pride and quality. Delizia’s Pasta products are made only with all natural ingredients.  Each and every batch is verified by Quality Assurance for food safety and consistency. 

We work closely with many great chefs in a variety of fine restaurants, bistro’s, pizzeria’s and specialty shops. We have made great friendships along the way, and we cherish their loyalty.

Our website has only a few of our savory and palate satisfying products.

Our Products

We take pride in our finished products.

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Delizia's Pasta is produced in a state of the art cooking facility. Focusing on providing food safety #1 along with a high quality and delicious products.

Emilio's Pasta!

Look for our brand name Emilio's Pasta available at

The Italian Supermarket and specialty shops across Alberta.

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